Ali Sandifer Collection

Designed with intent. Crafted with integrity. Our love of design, respect of material, and reverence for hand production drives the Collection. Our furniture is born from the same simple belief that drives our studio & workshop – design, material, and craft must work together to achieve intelligence, beauty, and longevity.

The Collection includes tables, desks, and storage units. Each piece strikes a balance of organic and straight-lined forms that create both surface and storage. Every moment and detail in a piece is celebrated. Joints are sculpted for beauty and structure. Hidden features are treated the same as those that are visible – backs and bottoms are as important as fronts and tops. Our work is crafted out of American hardwoods – walnut, maple, and oak – and finished with natural oils and wax. The Ali Sandifer Collection is made to order and crafted – from beginning to end – in our studio in Detroit.